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This Aga Pad is the biggest and thickest one I have ever made! Because of the fuel crisis I wanted to make a Deluxe version of my Aga Pads specifically to reduce heat loss... it's like putting a woolly hat on your Hob Lids!

Pair of Deluxe Thermal Laura Ashley Hepworth Aga Pad

  • These are 40cm in diameter compared to 37cm on my standard pads.

    These Aga Pads have three layers of insulation. The first is a polyester bonded cotton, then there are two layers of heat reflective metalised polyester insulation followed by the top fabric.

    These Aga Pads also have two layers of bias binding to ensure all the insulation stays tightly bound together.

    Currently a ten working day lead time from date of order

    Not Suitable for Solid Fuel Stoves



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